Puralep: Fresh Lemon Floor Cleaner / Puralep: Nettoyant sol fraîcheur citron

Puralep: Fresh Lemon Floor Cleaner

Contents: 5 L

Naturally effective formula with natural ingredients. With surfactants of plant origin and Aleppo soap. Selection of raw materials that respect man and the environment. Vegan, without ingredients of animal origin. Use of recycled packaging materials. The water used is osmosed and comes from rainwater and runoff. Economical, no need to rinse. Properties: cleans and degreases all types of floors in depth, nourishes tiles with Aleppo soap. Leaves a fresh and pleasant scent thanks to lemon essential oil. Directions for use: Dilute the product in warm water, soak your mop in it and clean.

Ingredients: eau osmosée, savon d’Alep 2,5%, agents tensioactifs anioniques et non ioniques d’origine exclusivement végétale 16,7%, cristaux de soude, éthanol, acide citrique, huile essentielle de citron