Reparing Cream / Crème Réparatrice

Repairing Cream

Contents: 75 ml

THE REPAIR CREAM is designed to treat: Care of cracks, hard calluses for chapped, rough, attacked skin, by dishes, frequent baths, swimming pool, outdoor work, gardening, masonry …

Ingredients: aqua, rapessed oil*, sweet almond oil*, glycerin, zea mays (corn) oil*, cetearyl glucoside, dehyroacetic acid benzyl alcohol, acid lactic, tocophérol*, rosmarinus officinalis* HV calophyllum inophyllum, HV calendula, HV symphitum, HE lavandula latifolia, HE commiphora molmol ( linalool,limonene, citronnellol, coumarin, eugenol) *
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