Rosemary Neck Firming Cream / Crème raffermissante cou au romarin

Rosemary Neck Firming Cream

Contents: 30 ml

The neck cream firms the skin under the jaw and reduces the phenomenon of “double chin” thanks to the tonic effect of ivy combined with organic silica. The essential oil of Rosemary in the cream in turn improves venous and lymphatic circulation. The neck cream of Bio neuf with its main ingredient which is ivy acts on the firming of the tissues of the neck and remodels the wrinkles of the skin of the décolleté. This care enriched with rosemary essential oil activates the blood circulation of the muscles around the neck and causes a better elimination of toxins from our body. The essential and vegetable oils contained in the cream are 100% organically grown.

Ingredients: aqua, rapessed oil*, sweet almond oil*, glycerin, zea mays(corn) oil*, cetearyl glucoside, dehyroacetic acid benzyl alcohol, acid lactic, tocophérol*,rosmarinus officinalis*Silice organique MH hedera helix*,HA rosa damascena*, HE rosmarinus cineoliferum*,HE cananga odorata*(limonene, linalool, neral, geranio, citronnellol, farnesol, benzyl benzoate, benzyl salicylate)*