Scrubing cream / Crème gommante

Scrubing cream

Contents: 50 ml

The exfoliation of Bio neuf is effective to eliminate the dead skins and to allow the skin to breathe again. The cells of our skin are constantly renewing themselves, leaving dead skin on the surface. By letting them accumulate, our complexion becomes dull. It is thanks to the action of the almond cores that exfoliate these dead skins that the skin’s grain is refined and the skin regains its smooth appearance, restoring all its radiance to our complexion.

Ingredients: aqua, rapessed oil*, sweet almond oil*, glycerin, zea mays (corn) oil*, cetearyl glucoside, dehyroacetic acid benzyl alcohol, acid lactic, tocophérol*, rosmarinus officinalis* Poudre de noyaux d’amandes HE citrus aurantium feuille*(linalool, limonene,neral,geranial, nerol, geraniol)*