Serenity Aroma / Arôme de sérénité

Serenity Aroma

Contents: 30 ml

Our anti-stress synergy has been appreciated for many years. A cocktail of essential oils with exceptionally soft, balanced, centered aromas. Neurotonic and harmonizing, it will help you to refocus in all cases of stress, nervous weakness, inner restlessness … You will use it to live your day without stress and/or to promote a natural and restorative night’s rest. This presentation in dilution (30% of aromatic principles) in organic jojoba oil allows a practical, instantaneous use, exclusively reserved for the cutaneous interface. With organic EO of fine lavender, petit grain bigarade, red tangerine, marjoram, Roman chamomile, clary sage, ylang-ylang, Atlas cedar). All organic EO controlled by Certisys-be. Diluted in organic jojoba oil.

Ingredients: Simondsia chinensis*, Lavandula vera*, Citrus auriantum fe*, Citrus ret*, Origanum majorana*, Chamaemelum nobile*, Cananga odorata*, Salvia sclarea*, Cedrus at*