Shea Body Butter / Beurre de karité

Shea Body Butter

Contents: 100 ml

The melting vegetable butter favorite of African mothers for the beauty and health of their family. This solid butter melts easily in the hands upon application, or can be melted in a water bath to prepare balms or masks. It is protective, softening, regenerating and nourishing. At the beginning of pregnancy, pregnant women appreciate it on the belly or hips. For baby, it is the ideal also in the event of dry or damaged skin. And throughout life, as soon as a need for tissue repair is felt, the shea butter is your best ally.

Ingredients: Une petite moitié d’acides gras mono-insaturés (oméga 9). Un peu plus de la moitié d’acides gras saturés (dont acide stéarique surtout, assainissant et en bonne affinité avec la peau et les cheveux). Beaucoup d’insaponifiables réputés anti-inflammatoires.