What is the difference between an ecolabel and a biolabel?

Ever wondered what the difference is between an ecolabel and a biolabel? Look no further: here is you guide to learning how to recognise them.

Ecolabel and biolabel: two different labels

Do not tell us you have never found yourself in front of a store shelf wondering what product to buy. Nowadays, there a lot of products bearing a label. Like a lot. With all these logos and green colours, maybe you’re wondering how you will ever find your way. Don’t worry, you’ll see that understanding the difference between an ecolabel and a biolabel is actually easy.

An ecolabel is a certification that guarantees you that a product is made with as little impact on the environment as possible. Contrary to other similar conventional products, the whole process is controlled and adapted: recycling or zero waste policy, sustainable production, ingredients from natural origin, you name it. Moreover, your safety is important as eco-labelled producers make sure they use harmless ingredients. An ecolabel is generally borne by non-food products as well as services. For example, you can buy eco-labelled detergent or go to an eco-labelled hotel.

A biolabel is different. You can sometimes find bio-labelled creams or lotions, but you will mainly see a bio logo on organic food or services such as restaurants. Actually, a biolabel ensures that producers did not use pesticides or other chemicals to grow their products or to feed their animals. They also avoid GMO’s as much as possible.

Ecogarantie: an ecolabel or a biolabel?

You bet it, Ecogarantie is an ecolabel, just as its name suggests. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that we do not care about the organic aspect. Ecogarantie is the strictest label on the market. Because for us protecting nature is a priority, we believe that the use of pesticides harms our ecosystem and your health. This is why all our brands only choose ingredients from vegetable origin which are 100% organic. In the end, it makes everything easier, right?

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