The beauty uses of ecolabelled coconut oil 

Coconut oil has the particularity of being in solid form when stored at less than 25°C. Indeed, it needs to be heated to become liquid. Luckily this does not affect its many properties as a natural cosmetic product. So, let’s discover how coconut oil is a little marvel in cosmetics.

To tame dry and frizzy hair

Ecolabelled coconut oil can also be used as a moisturizing mask for dry hair. Warm 3 to 5 spoons of oil in your hands and apply it to the lengths and ends. Wrap your hair in a warm towel and leave it on overnight, then rinse. Thanks to this natural cosmetic product, your hair will be nourished, less frizzy and healthy.

The best natural cosmetic product for the skin 

The use of coconut oil for the skin is very interesting. It deeply moisturizes the skin and leaves it extremely soft. It can therefore be used for shaving men. Simply spread a little oil directly on the skin to protect it from the razor blades. Ecolabelled coconut oil is also a very good natural cosmetic product to remove dead skin in case of eczema

As make-up remover

Ecolabelled coconut oil is highly effective in removing any make-up and cleansing the skin. It removes the slightest trace of make-up on the face, including waterproofing. Simply apply this natural cosmetic product to the face before rinsing with soapy water. And there you have it, a clean and moisturized face with a very soft skin!

For a healthy mouth

Ecolabelled coconut oil is also interesting for oral hygiene. How to use it? By making a mouthwash, also called oil pulling, of coconut oil before brushing your teeth. This consists of taking a tablespoon of oil in your mouth, and making it circulate between your teeth for 15 minutes. Then brush your teeth with organic toothpaste. After about ten days, your gums will be healthier and your teeth whiter.

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