Why choosing cosmetics from ecolabelled companies?

Every day, we use up to ten different beauty products. But have you ever wondered what the small logos on their packaging mean? In this article we will explain why it is crucial to use cosmetics with these transparent eco labels.

Cosmetics with transparent eco labels are better for the environment

Indeed, green cosmetics from ecolabelled companies do not contain ingredients that are harmful to nature. In fact, as soon as beauty products with transparent eco labels touch the water, they degrade completely.  As a result, they do not affect the marine environment where the sewers of our cities drain. Products with a transparent eco label also do not contain microplastics because they are dangerous for the environment. Fish and other aquatic animals easily confuse them with food. A study even showed that corals prefer to eat plastic rather than natural food. The result? Corals do not receive enough nutrients and are gradually starving to death. To preserve the marine environment, we should prefer alternative cosmetics from ecolabelled companies.

By supporting ecolabelled companies, you encourage the ecological industry

Buying conscientiously is the greatest power of the consumer. If companies that are not ecological start to see a drop in their sales figures, they will change quickly. So, if you want to see more eco-friendly cosmetics on the shelves of your supermarkets, let your voice be heard. Show the bosses of industrial companies that you are choosing products from ecolabelled companies instead. If the industrialists understand the importance of transparent eco labels for the consumer, they will work to comply with the conditions of these transparent eco labels. Because everyone wants the same thing after all: customer satisfaction. The impact of consumers has already made a difference in Europe. Indeed, many harmful ingredients and animal testing have already been banned. This is proof that the consumer has a real impact on the market. For the future of our planet, it is time to switch to cosmetics from ecolabelled companies.

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