How to use ecolabelled ginger essential oil

Ginger is generally known as a root we use in Asian cuisine. But did you know that it also had health and beauty properties? Actually, ecolabelled ginger essential oil is mainly great for the hair and the digestive comfort. Some say it’s even aphrodisiac. There are in fact many ways to use this wonderful essential oil. So let’s learn how to use it.

How to use ecolabelled ginger essential oil

In terms of health, ginger is known for its digestive properties. It helps a lot if you suffer from intestinal disorders, constipation or if you have a difficult digestion. Its essential oil can also be of great help is you suffer from travel sickness. Moreover, it can be useful to ease the pain during your period or the menopause. In practice, you can use this essential oil in diffusion, in massage or in a hot bath.

Regarding its beauty properties, it is great for the hair. It will indeed help grow your hair more rapidly. To use it, try to add up to 2% of essential oil in your usual hair product.

Ecolabelled ginger essential oil is also renowned for its aphrodisiac properties. But beside this, it also helps in case of tiredness, physical and mental fatigue. Thanks to its stimulating properties, Zingiber officinalis allows you to regain a good morale and to stay optimistic. Try to add a few drops in a hot bath to enjoy all its benefits. You can also use it in diffusion during your meditation for instance.

Contraindictions for ginger essential oil

Even if pure essential oils are natural, they can be really strong and have side effects when used in the wrong way. Therefore, always make sure you take your doctor’s advice before using anything new on your skin or orally. We also advise you to test essential oils on your arm 24h before using them on your face.

Please note that ginger essential oil is not suitable for pregnant women. Avoid any contact with the eyes. This essential oil can also be allergenic for some people. Always make sure you dilute it well when you use it for cosmetic purposes.

Why you should go for ecolabelled ginger essential oil

One last tip: go for ecolabelled ginger essential oils. Ecolabels will ensure your essential oil is pure and completely natural. Indeed, synthetic perfumes, colorants and other chemical substances are not part of our products’ composition. Ecogarantie certified essential oils are also 100% organic and are not derived from protected species. Finally, the production processes must respect the naturally active substances of the plant.

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