The importance of ecolabellisation for green cosmetic products and natural detergents

Nowadays, with the incessant spread of greenwashing, reading that a product is organic, ecological or natural is no longer enough to ensure its quality. Indeed, many cosmetics claim to be green when in fact they cause pollution and are harmful to the environment. In order to choose green cosmetic products and natural detergents that have the least possible impact on nature, it is therefore necessary to refer to ecolabellisation. 

The production of green cosmetic products should not cause pollution

Without ecolabellisation, it is difficult to assess the true quality of cosmetics. Even if the packaging assures you that they are green cosmetic products, you will never know what the production of your cream has caused in terms of pollution. Has the company taken care to minimize its carbon footprint when transporting raw materials to the factory? Has it taken care to minimize its water and energy consumption? And what about the water pollution? You will only know this by looking at whether your green cosmetic products have an eco-label and by checking the standards set by that eco-label. So, this is one of the reasons why ecolabellisation is important and why it is necessary to buy ecolabelled products.

Natural detergents should not contribute to water pollution

Then, don’t forget that when you’re done with your cosmetics and detergents, they’ll go to the oceans. It is therefore essential to ensure that your natural detergents are fully biodegradable. That way, they do not contribute to underwater pollution. Indeed, when they contain petrochemical ingredients, detergents do not dissolve entirely in water and can be harmful to marine life. As with the production of cosmetics, it is difficult to know how our products will affect nature after use. In this case, ecolabellisation is once again a solution. According to the standards chosen by the labels, you can ensure the complete biodegradability of your green cosmetic products and natural detergents. This way, you will know that your products really won’t affect aquatic life and the environment in general.

What about your carbon footprint?

Is taking care of the environment essential for you? Then, don’t hesitate to find out more and make all your actions as environmentally friendly as possible. If ecolabellisation is already a good solution to limit pollution, be aware that it is not the only one. By slightly changing your habits, you can make a significant change in your carbon footprint. So choose green cosmetic products and natural detergents that are really what they claim to be and stop buying products that are part of greenwashing.

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