Ecological alternatives to start a natural make-up routine

Our daily make-up routines are not harmless to the environment. All our small everyday actions can have an impact on the environment. In this article we will discuss ecological alternatives that are easy to adopt, like switching to natural make-up with an ecological bio label.

Switch to natural make-up

Using natural make-up with an ecological bio label is the best for your skin. This way, your skin will not be attacked by the chemical ingredients contained in conventional make-up products. Besides, natural make-up with an ecological bio label does not affect the environment because it is produced in a cleaner way and degrades completely.

Use reusable cotton discs

The make-up removal stage is also important to take into account from an ecological point of view. Indeed, it is important to stop using disposable cotton discs. Cotton is made from one of the crops produced from a large quantity of pesticides. And it pollutes our rivers while damaging wildlife. In addition, cotton cultivation requires a lot of water. And then, single-use cottons create a mountain of garbage every month in our bins. The best alternative is to choose reusable fabric discs with an ecological bio label. You remove your natural make-up with it, then wash it in the machine and you can use it again! By switching to reusable cotton discs, you will therefore considerably reduce your amount of waste.

Think of vegetable oils with an ecological bio label

Then let’s move on to the make-up remover. Be aware that these products contain harmful products so that you can quickly remove make-up. And these can be irritating to your eyes. Fortunately, there are natural ecological alternatives. For example, vegetable oils, especially coconut oil, are perfect to replace your chemical make-up remover. Apply a vegetable oil to your face and rub lightly. Then, soak your face and rinse it off. The oil will have drunk all the dirt and make-up. This will leave your skin clean, not oily and delicately moisturized. Be careful, it is very important to choose a quality vegetable oil with an ecological bio label. And this in order to take care of your skin and provide it with good nutrients.

These few ecological alternatives will make your make-up routine more natural and ecological. Pretty easy, isn’t it? So, don’t wait any longer and choose ecological alternatives to take care of yourself. This is thus a first step towards a more ecological lifestyle but don’t stop there, keep looking for ecological alternatives and products with an ecological bio label and reduce your impact on the environment as much as possible.

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