How to make your bathroom ecological

Doing a little spring-cleaning? Want to reduce your ecological footprint? Or simply want to have a healthier lifestyle? Whatever your reasons are, if you’re reading this, maybe you want your bathroom to be greener. And you’re in the right place. Here’s how to have an ecological bathroom and a list of eco-labelled cosmetic products you want to learn about. 

Choose ecological bathroom tools

First of all, you need to have a fully-equipped ecological bathroom. Nowadays, there are many alternatives to your daily conventional bathroom tools. And of course, the more natural the materials are, the better. Try to look for tools made of certified bamboo. Like any other raw material men produce for commercial purposes, its production needs to be carefully controlled to avoid any over-exploitation. Nevertheless, bamboo is a great alternative to any material, especially plastic or wood. Contrary to trees which need to grow 40 to 50 years before their wood can be used, you only have to wait less than 10 years to harvest bamboo. What’s more, some toothbrushes are made of Moso bamboo; a type of plant which can grow up to 1 metre a day and which is not part of pandas’ diet.

Have you already tried to use a bamboo toothbrush? No need to be sceptical: it works just as well as a plastic one. The only difference if that you can compost it when you replace it! Way more sustainable than plastic which ends up in the ocean, don’t you think? You can also replace your broken hairbrush or comb by bamboo ones. When it comes to your face, you can go green very easily, too. Putting some make-up on? Try to find reusable cotton pads that suit you and your skin. You can also make your own if you wish! And when it’s time to clean your face, you can use a konjac sponge or a bamboo face care glove. And don’t forget you ears! Here again, you can go for wooden or paper QTips if you’re not ready to use a metal or wooden oriculi yet.

Go for eco-labelled cosmetic products

It’s no surprise: anything you put on your skin can be absorbed. So why not choosing eco-labelled cosmetic products that are actually safe for you and the environment? Contrary to conventional ones, eco-labelled cosmetic products are organic, eco-friendly, and do not contain any potentially dangerous components such as GMOs, VOCs or petrochemicals. Moreover, they are easy to use and efficient! Why not give them a try and discover what nature has to offer to make us look beautiful?

Use eco-friendly washing products

And the same goes for washing products. Like cosmetics, these products are released in the water you dispose of when taking a shower. And even if there are sewage treatment plants, they are not perfect. Conventional washing products are generally full of potentially toxic or allergenic substances that are not really good for you nor the planet. So, why not preserve our environment and use eco-friendly alternatives? And one last tip: save water and take shorter showers! What about you? What are your tips to make your bathroom ecological?

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