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How to make your bedroom ecological

Voici comment rendre votre chambre écologique.

The bedroom is a place where we should spend at least 8 hours a day. Spending 30% of our time in the same room thus requires it to be healthy. As a matter of fact, we breathe the same air and we touch the same materials during a third of our day. Wondering where to start? Here is how to make your bedroom ecological and some eco-friendly and healthy products to clean it. 

Decorate and fit your ecological bedroom with eco-friendly furniture

First things first, choose some eco-friendly paint for your walls. Did you know that conventional, chemical wall paintings contained, among other toxic substances, VOCs? These dangerous components are forbidden in ecological products’ standards. Indeed, they threaten your health and the environment. So why would they be harmless in paints you are exposed to every single day?

Second, bedsheets and mattress. Make sure you are sleeping in healthy, eco-friendly sheets. Not only can chemical textiles release potentially dangerous chemicals you may breathe, but they also touch your skin during hours. And we know that everything that touches your skin is likely to be absorbed. The same goes for your mattress. Try to find organic cotton, linen or bamboo sheets instead of polyester ones (which is actually plastic).

In terms of decoration, you can start by avoiding plastic. It is a very polluting material that does not have much healthy benefits. Instead, you can find wooden, bamboo and glass decoration. Not only is it much eco-friendlier, but it’s also healthier… and very aesthetic, don’t you think? Also, why not adding some air-purifying plants? They can indeed reduce the pollution of your bedroom and improve air quality.

Develop good habits and choose eco-friendly and healthy products

After a good night’s sleep, the air of your bedroom is filled with CO2. Moreover, some furniture and paints contain chemicals that take months to disappear. It is thus important to renew your room’s air regularly. Open the window every morning, during summer as well as winter. You can also make sure your ecological bedroom is energy-efficient. Try to replace your light bulbs by ecological ones and switch off any appliances that you aren’t using. You’d be surprised how much energy we can save by being careful!

You should also consider using eco-friendly and healthy products to clean your place. Chemical cleaning agents can indeed be dangerous for your health as well as the environment. Ecological cleaning products don’t contain toxic components and respect both humans and animals. Try to use environmentally-friendly washing powder, glass cleaners, etc. Or you can also make your own! And you, what are your tips to make your bedroom ecological?

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