3 misconceptions about ecological cosmetics

You may think that ecological cosmetics are not as efficient as conventional ones. And that they are more expansive. And they don’t smell good either, do they? All the more misconceptions you may have already heard. But we are here to correct them because eco-labelled cosmetics are better for your health and the planet. And they work just as well as their chemical equivalents. 

“Ecological cosmetics don’t work”

If you believe that alternative skincare products or makeup are not efficient, you’ve got it all wrong. This sector has been developing for years now: formulas and textures have improved. Tests have been carried out (but on not animals, of course) and companies now use effective components in their products.

The advantage with eco-labelled cosmetics is that they are made with natural and organic ingredients. They are free of petrochemicals and other synthetic substances. Therefore, you don’t end up with chemicals which can give the impression that your skin improves. Plants and plant extracts will help your skin regenerate and provide it with good, natural nutrients. And in the end, nature is your best ally when it comes to making you look beautiful.

“Eco-labelled cosmetics are more expansive”

Once again, this piece of information is not true. Nowadays, there is more and more choice when it comes to ecological cosmetics. Like with conventional products, there are differences in prices, depending on the product range. There are now high end organic cosmetics as well as cheaper products, which does not differ from the conventional sector.

“Ecological cosmetics don’t smell good”

Who said that nature didn’t smell good? In eco-labelled cosmetics, there are no synthetic perfumes and other ingredients produced by chemical synthesis. As a consequence, the only components that make a product smell good are plants. Even if it’s not strong, the result is a light natural scent. Way better for your health than chemical fragrances.

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