How to make your household ecological

Would you like to make your household ecological? Whether it is because you want to reduce your ecological impact or improve your family’s health, you’re in the right place. So, let us give you some advice and talk to you about ecolabels, zero waste, and ecological household products. 

Why it’s important to have ecological household products

Ever heard of microplastics or VOCs? Well, they are both components that you’d rather not find in your products. Unfortunately, a large part of conventional household products contain some. Microplastics are responsible for massive ocean pollution whereas VOCs are contributing to indoor air pollution. But in addition to their huge environmental impact, they can threaten your health. Microplastics’ impact on human health is not yet certain, but the combination of several VOCs may be dangerous for you. The “cocktail effect” is real and if you use a lot of products containing VOCs, you may be putting your heath at risk.

Choose products with ecological labels

A great alternative to non-ecological household products are cleaning agents with ecological labels. Ecological labels are a true guarantee that products respect both the environment and your health. Take Ecogarantie for example. We work with independent certifying bodies who make sure the users of our label are truly committed. Actually, they control their whole production cycle! They ensure a good waste management, water consumption and transportation. They also analyse the products’ composition and check whether they respect our strict standards.

Go zero waste and make your own products

Have you already heard of zero waste? This trend may interest you if you’re trying to reduce your ecological impact. Unless you are buying products with ecological labels in bulk, you may often end up with empty plastic bottles. That’s the aim of zero waste: reduce your waste as much as possible. And a good solution is to make some of your products yourself! Don’t hesitate to look for books or online resources to help you.

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