How to make your kitchen ecological

Have you ever wondered how many chemicals your kitchen might contain? Not only can they contaminate your food, but also the air you and your family breathe. Why not switch to a healthier, greener lifestyle as your conventional products run out? Here are our tips for making your kitchen greener and a list of organic household products.


Choosing your kitchen equipment

First of all, make sure you’re well equipped. Going green can sometimes require a bit of organization at the start. But once you’ve got past that stage, your efforts to go green are quickly rewarded. When it comes to storing your food, try to avoid plastic. Many studies have shown that plastic containers can release toxic substances. And even if they don’t contain BPA, these particles can end up in your food and your body. Instead, try opting for glass containers: healthier and, let’s face it, more attractive. Don’t you think? And it’s the same if you’re (already) using a water bottle. Prefer glass bottles to plastic ones. But if you’re on the move a lot, don’t hesitate to replace glass with lighter stainless steel.

Stainless steel (or Inox) is also a durable material that you can use for your kitchen utensils. Although plastic is often cheaper, utensils made of plastic can break more quickly. And that forces you to buy new ones straight away. So is it really more economical? Not to mention the environmental cost of our plastic consumption.

Have you ever thought about the amount of rubbish you produce every day, month or year? Of course, bin lorries regularly pass by to dispose of your rubbish. But if we kept our rubbish, we would surely reconsider the way we consume. Another way of reducing your environmental impact is to replace disposable items with reusable ones. For example, you can opt for microfibre cloths instead of your paper towels (or Sopalin). And the same goes for napkins! Why not choose washable cotton ones? You can also buy a wooden or bamboo washing-up brush instead of your usual disposable sponge. Finally, try buying – or making – beeswax food packaging to store your leftovers. Reusable, plastic-free and pretty!

When we talk about eco-friendly kitchen equipment, we’re also talking about natural household products. Why is this an important choice?

Why choose ecological household products?

Cooking means eating, but it also means cleaning! Most people store their household products in their kitchens and spend a lot of time cleaning this room. 

Speaking of food, if you want to make a sustainable commitment right to the end, you can put your trust in products with the Biogarantie label. Quality, organic, local, environmentally-friendly food at the right price. 

What would an eco-friendly kitchen be without organic household products? Once again, there are plenty of alternatives to your conventional cleaners. You can, of course, make them yourself. But we know that not everyone has that option. 

When it comes to washing up, try choosing eco-friendly dishwasher tablets or powder. That way, you won’t pollute your dishes or your durable kitchen utensils. And if you don’t have a dishwasher, make sure you use eco-friendly detergent on your wooden washing-up brush. Eco-friendly household products contain no toxic substances or petrochemicals. Don’t forget to reduce your water consumption! Nature and your body will thank you for taking care of them.

When it comes to cleaning itself, we once again recommend eco-friendly household products. They are formulated with natural ingredients that help avoid health problems: allergies, irritations, respiratory problems, hormonal disturbances, etc. It’s not for nothing that we always recommend wearing gloves before handling cleaning products. Ask yourself what they contain…

Our favourite brands of organic household products

Did you know? Household products and eco-labels can go hand in hand! Although it may seem surprising, you can find organic household products. At Ecogarantie, we have specially designed specifications for detergents. They have to comply with a list of very specific criteria in order to obtain the Ecogarantie label. 

Among them is Almawin, a German company that has specialised in detergents since 1993. One thing’s for sure, they’re real professionals and they know their stuff!

Here are our favourite eco-friendly home products from the range:

Nettoyant vitrocéramique

Hob cleaner: It cleans without scrubbing, and therefore without damaging hobs. It will help you remove tough, stubborn stains. It contains mineral clay and is scented with lavender and lemon.

Orange multi-surface cleaner: This cleaner is the organic cleaning product you need! It cleans all surfaces and can remove many types of dirt: glue, varnish, oil… An essential to have in your cupboard. 



Then there’s Tierra Verde, a Czech company that sells eco-friendly household products for the whole house.

Here are our favourite organic cleaning products from the range:

Scouring powder: This cleaning powder is made from ground limestone, bicarbonate of soda and washing nut powder. A natural and ideal composition that protects your health and the environment. It’s effective for cleaning, removing




grease and absorbing odours.

Anti-limescale citric acid: This product is effective for removing limescale from washing machines, dishwashers, coffee makers and kettles. A naturally effective and certified organic product!





As you’ve seen, green kitchens can be created gradually. You can start by replacing certain equipment, certain habits and certain products. You can take it one step at a time. Organic household products are becoming easier and more affordable. You can rely on products certified by our Ecogarantie label. It’s a real opportunity to buy environmentally-friendly household products.

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