Favour biolabelled products: an ecological moisturiser with a transparent ecolabel

Do you prefer to apply your moisturiser in the morning or in the evening before going to bed? In any case, if you want to preserve your skin, choose a good ecological moisturiser with a transparent ecolabel.

The composition of your ecological moisturiser is more important than you think

You apply moisturizing cream directly to your skin and it penetrates it very quickly. It is therefore important that the ingredients that make it up are of good quality and not harmful to our body. However, many chemicals are added to the cream but have no benefit for the skin. Cosmetic industries use them to make the cream last longer, penetrate more quickly or simply for the smell. Some of these ingredients can have side effects such as drying out or irritating the skin. In short, some industrial creams contain ingredients that are not beneficial to your skin and can even damage it. A cream that is supposed to take care of the skin and that ends up harming it… Isn’t it ironic?

Why are biolabelled products the solution?

However, if you want an ecological moisturiser that lasts for several months, it is possible. In fact, it is not necessary to use chemicals since natural preservatives exist and are as effective. And those are common ingredients in organic moisturisers that have a transparent ecolabel.

So, biolabelled products are a healthier alternative. Indeed, they do not expose your skin to chemicals. So your skin is not in contact with useless and potentially harmful ingredients. In biolabelled products, the chemicals usually present to improve the texture of a cream are replaced by natural ingredients. This is therefore much better for your skin. So, don’t forget to focus on biolabelled products when choosing your ecological moisturiser. If you want a healthy skin that lasts a lifetime, you now know how to make the right choice. You just have to look for a transparent ecolabel on the package. Isn’t it easy? 

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