The best thing about an ecological shower gel? The power of its natural ingredients

Who has never felt the sweet pleasure of the foam of a shower gel under his skin? What if you were told that this pleasure could be increased tenfold by choosing an ecological shower gel filled with natural ingredients?

Why choosing an ecological shower gel?

Some sulfates used as foaming agents can be very aggressive to the skin and cause skin irritation, dryness or aggravate eczema. It is hence better to use mild foaming agents such as sulfates from coconut, which does not harm the skin. Moreover, exfoliating shower gels without a strict ecolabel very often contain microplastics that harm the aquatic life. By choosing an ecological shower gel with a strict ecolabel, you are putting the health of your skin first and preserve the environment. 

A strict ecolabel to enjoy the benefits of natural ingredients

Natural ingredients contain good allies for a healthy skin like antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamins. Since natural ingredients are not as foreign to our bodies as chemical ones, those nutrients are easily absorbed by the skin. Another advantage of organic ingredients is that they do not expose you to long-term consequences like some chemicals can do. To make sure you benefit from the virtues of natural ingredients, choose your ecological shower gel with a strict ecolabel logo.

Good to know

The INCI list (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) is a mandatory nomenclature on cosmetic products since 1999. Its purpose is to standardize the ingredients present in any cosmetic product. By typing the INCI name of the ingredients of a cosmetic on the Internet or an application, you will have access to the characteristics of this ingredient. You can therefore check if they are natural ingredients and if they decompose easily, for example.

Being familiar with the INCI list can be very interesting. However, it takes some time before everything can be deciphered. So, to make it easier for you, we created a strict ecolabel. Ecogarantie complies with very high standards in terms of safety, environment and respect for people. If logo Ecogarantie stands on the packaging, your ecological shower gel does not contain unsustainable ingredients. So, enjoy every bit of it!

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