5 must-have ecoproducts to be eco-friendly on the go

On our way to work or when going for a walk, we often stop to grab some coffee. And when the sun comes out, we are more likely to eat out with some friends or colleagues. But some of these habits can quickly become expansive. Not only for your purse, but also for the planet. Instead of wasting precious resources, try to be organised. Here are 5 must-have ecoproducts you should have on hand to be eco-friendly on the go. 

Eco-friendly product #1: a reusable bag

Plastic bags are easy to use, convenient, … and quickly disposed of. How many times will we go at the supermarket and use the bags they provide for our fruit and veggies? How many resources will we still waste while animals suffer from our terrible plastic consumption? And how many years until we realise that we are actually poisoning ourselves with plastic? What if we made the decision to actually do something about it? Let’s change our habits and bring our own reusable bags! All it requires is a little bit of organisation: buying a bag and thinking of bringing it with us. That’s all. Is it really that hard?

Ecoproduct #2: a reusable straw

Whether you’re a fan of smoothies, juices, sodas or cocktails, plastic straws are always part of the order. But did you know that these small pieces of plastic often ended up in the ocean? Problem is, plastic straws can degrade in water and become microplastics. And if we do not react now, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050. But there are solutions! Nowadays, you can easily find glass, bamboo or stainless steel straws that you can keep in your bag.

#3 must-have eco-friendly product: a mug

Who doesn’t like a good cup of coffee (or tea) in the morning? As you can imagine, this daily habit can quickly become a bad one. Not only is it much cheaper to prepare your own at home, but it is also a disaster for the environment. Instead, why not bringing your beverage from home in a thermos jug? And if you prefer to buy it in your favourite shop, why not ask the waiter to pour it in your own travel mug?

Ecoproduct #4: a reusable water bottle

We’re not going to go through the disastrous cost of plastic on our ecosystem again. Many people are sceptical about reusable water bottles because they can have disadvantages: bottles can be heavy, expansive, and people may not like the taste of tab water. But if you do some research, you’ll see that there exist reusable water bottles for everyone. Is glass too heavy for you? Go for stainless steel bottles. Does tab water have a bad taste at home? Try to buy a filtering water jug or a bottle with some activated charcoal. And when we think of the cost of one reusable bottle, it is actually quite low in comparison with all the plastic bottles we buy in an entire lifetime.

#5 last but not least: reusable cutlery

Finally, don’t forget to bring your own cutlery when eating out. Restaurants provide you with their own stainless steel forks, knives and spoons. But when going anywhere else, you often receive some single-use plastic cutlery along with your meal. Instead, try to plan your day out and prepare some bamboo or stainless steel tools in your bag. Easy, light-weight and convenient!

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