Probila-Unitrab is the Belgium professional organisation for Organic Processors, Wholesalers and Retailers which represents the interests of the organic food and natural goods sector on a political, ecological and economic level. The organisation participates in the constitution of national and international legislative projects, for example in the enhancements of the EU-Organic Regulations. The affiliation to the organisation offers the possibility to have access to a range of services, information’s and advices.

In order to obtain the authorization to use the trademark Ecogarantie®, the operator has to be member of the professional organisation. This is an essential condition.

Agreement for the use of the Ecogarantie® trademark

The operator who wants to use the private Ecogarantie® trademark on his product can either:

  • Fulfils the agreement and send two original exemplars signed and dated to the professional organisation, Probila-Unitrab. 
  • Contacts the professional organisation, Probila-Unitrab, which will provide the operator with the agreement for the use of the trademark.

Contract with the certification body

The contacted certification body will provide the operator with a contract for the provision of services and the certification. The contract will have to be dully completed and signed, before being returned to the agent.