All ingredients and methods of preparation must conform to the European legislation and meet the additional stipulations of the present specifications.

Organic ingredients must comply with the EC Regulations 834/2007 and 889/2008.

The Ecogarantie® logo may be used on the following types produce made:

  • exclusively from sea salt
  • from sea salt with (organic)[1] seaweed
  • from sea salt with (organic)[1] seaweed and organic herbs/vegetables/spices
  • from sea salt with organic herbs/vegetables/spices

To respect the present standards, the sea salt should be obtained by traditional methods (see definitions and stipulations mentioned in appendix A)

Industrial and/or refined salt is excluded.

[1] as soon as the implementation rules about organic seaweed are developed in the framework of the EC reg. 834/2007 and if available. In the meantime, wild seaweed may be used.