How does it work?

A basic European regulation is the foundation on which the production of any product is resting. In the non-food sector each product, such as cosmetics, detergents, paints, textiles but also air fresheners have in the first place to comply with the current legislation for each of them.

In addition the non-food sector proposes products for which the ingredients originate from organic agricultural sources, which are monitored by one of the certification bodies recognised by the authorities.

Actually, the European legislation certifies as well plant as animal produce originating from organic agriculture and which is used as ingredient in the composition of such products.  Finished products in the non-food range however cannot be certified under this regulation. Nevertheless, the principles of organic foodstuff can very well be applied to non-food products

For your information, the ingredients originating from organic agriculture comply with the requirements of the European regulation on the production and labelling of organic produce (CE 834/2007) and its application modalities (CE 889/2008), and imposes strict rules, specifically concerning:

  • Animal well-being (density, natural light, free range)
  • Growing conditions (invoking mechanical methods, fertilisation according to traditional ways of operating, natural means of pest control) and
  • Transformation of the products (positive list of additives and technical devices, the use of transformation processes that preserve the integrity and the essential qualities of the products, such as mechanical and physical processes)

Based on the same principles as the EU organic regulation, more specifically the production of a multitude of non-food products using ingredients and processes which do not harm the environment, human health, the health of crops and animals and which are based on criteria which are monitored by control bodies which are recognised and independent, private standards can offer guarantees on environmental, social and economical commitment for the application domains that are actually not covered by European legislation, such as cosmetics, detergents, textile, paints etc.

Thanks to these labels, amongst them the Ecogarantie® label, you are sure that your non-food products respond to your requirements on environmental protection in its totality, including your own well-being.