The packaging/water content ratio

The minimum requirements are those included in the Commission Decisions on establishing the ecological criteria for the award of the EU Ecolabel (Commission Decision of 24 June 2011 for hand dishwashing detergents, 28 June 2011 for all-purpose cleaners and sanitary cleaners and 28 April 2011 for detergents for dishwashers and laundry detergents).

For the Evaluation and control, the operator will submit to his certification body a calculation of the weight of the primary packaging.

Authorised kinds of packaging

Besides the rules mention in the general norms, the following criteria have to be applied:

  • General
    • The materials must be recyclable or compostable.
    • If possible, reusable packaging will be supplied to the consumer.
    • The different parts of the primary packaging must be easy to separate in parts of one and the same material.
  • Plastic must be recyclable (e.g. PE,PP,PET)
  • Cardboard has to contain at least 70% of recycled fibres
  • Air sprays using propellants are not authorised

For the evaluation and control, the operator will submit a declaration stating that each section of this criterion has been met.

For cardboard, he will submit to his certification body a declaration about the percentage of recycled material contained in the packaging.