Estimated quantity

Points at conformity with EU decrees concerning mass and volumes of the products.

“Green Point”

The Green Point logo means that the company that commercialises the product pays a contribution to an organisation (in Belgium: FostPlus) for the selective collecting, the sorting and recycling of domestic packaging.   The logo neither means that the packaging is made from recycled materials, nor that it may be disposed off in the packaging recycling waste bag.

Recycling pictogram

Indicates that the product is made from recyclable materials, or can be recycled. Is mainly in use for packaging.

Recycling pictogram (plastics)
The recycling pictogram, as featured with a number in its centre, is a means to identify the type of plastic from which the packaging is made.

The pictogram Forest Stewardship Council is an environmental label which guarantees that the production of the wood used respects the procedures to ascertain a sustainable forest management

The pictogram for the recognition of forest management certificates (PEFC: Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes). PEFC is an environmental label that aims at promoting and certifying sustainable forest management.

Wastebin man
This pictogram is only a reminder that waste belongs in the waste bin and not in nature.