In order to control the implementation of a thorough application of the Ecogarantie® specifications, the professional organization, Probila-Unitrab acknowledges certification bodies according to the following conditions:

  • The certification body has to be approved by the competent authorities, Ministry of Agriculture, to carry out controls in the frame of the EC 834/2007 regulations.
  • This implies in particular that the certification bodies have made the necessary steps to obtain the accreditation according the EN45011 or ISO 65 or ISO 17020 norms.
  • The fact that an approval has been issued in the frame of the EC 834/2007 regulations offers enough guarantees in terms of method of work of the certification bodies, even for application fields which would not be resumed in the EC 834/2007 regulations but well in the present specifications.

A constant dialogue between the professional organization, Probila-Unitrab, and the recognized certification body is maintained in order to assess the system and, if necessary, to improve it.

A communication between the recognized certification body and Probila-Unitrab will be set up as following:

  • From the side of the certification body to Probila-Unitrab:
    • Every 6 months, a list of the controlled and certified companies is transmitted.
    • Registered ‘decertifications’ are transmitted as soon as they come into force.
  • From the side of Probila-Unitrab to the certification body:
    • Immediate transmission of the new affiliated member (= signed contract).
    • Every 6 months, transmission of the operators up to date with their Ecogarantie® contributions.

A contract is drawn up between Probila-Unitrab and the certification body.
Probila-Unitrab judges about the recognition of the controlling bodies and is free not to recognise some control bodies.