Ending organic waste with Tradebio

The professional union Probila-Unitrab, owner of the Ecogarantie label and co-owner of the Biogarantie label, is launching its new platform to fight against waste. Initially, it has been developed to offer farmers a new opportunity to sell their organic products.  After all, it’s meant for all professionals eager to sell or buy certified products. 

Tradebio is an online exchange platform between organic farming professionals. It has been developed in order to allow organic farmers to sell their products online for a small fee.  This way organic farmers can easily sell their excess or unsold goods to transformers, distributors, caterings or points of sale.

The idea came from an unacceptable assessment: there is too much food waste in the organic farming sector, and it doesn’t match our philosophy. Indeed at Probila Unitrab, our professional union, we work towards a better world with more integrity. That’s why we care about waste.

Limit waste in the organic farming sector

This organic waste issue is not necessarily known by the public, yet it’s a recurrent fact in Belgium. Large retailers prefer to buy cheaper raw materials coming from foreign countries because the workforce is less expensive. It is for that reason a lot of Belgian farmers end up with unsold goods that they will need to throw away or offload.

Those practices don’t match with the organic farming world, respectful of the environment with strong social values. This is how the idea of  Tradebio was born…

Tradebio.be aims to offer organic farmers the possibility to earn money on excess or unsold products. The platform acts like an “organic marketplace” where every stakeholder of the sector can find partners for one-time or regular purchases. In this way, the organic farmers can directly and easily sell their products to transformers, distributors, caterings or points of sale. As well as a possibility to earn money on products destined to be lost, it’s also a way to fight against waste.

Accessible to all professionals

Aware of the importance this platform represents for the organic market in Belgium, we decided to extend its use to all types of organic products. It’s not necessary to be a producer of raw materials to use the platform. Other loose products are offered, like for cosmetics production.

To buy products on the platform, it’s not necessary to be an organic stakeholder. Only the sold products must be certified “organic” by one of the control organizations recognized by the European Union.

The platform is exclusively conceived for Belgian workers: the users must possess a VAT number to subscribe, sell and/or buy. So, it’s not possible to sell directly to private individuals via Tradebio.be.

This platform has many advantages:

  •  Showcase to sell organic excess or unsold goods
  • Fight against waste
  • Possibility to negotiate prices
  •  Way to find new partners (customers or suppliers)
  •  Access to a wide choice of organic products with a few clicks
  • Warning system to be informed of the available products

For more information, you can watch our two videos that put it simply:

As you understood, if you are looking for or if you sell organic materials, Tradebio.be is made for you. Don’t hesitate to subscribe and start to post ads or find what you need. No more waste! 

If you have a question: 0492 09 19 32 or [email protected].

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