Why is going green so hard?

We see it everywhere. On the internet, on television, in the street ; we should all go green. And quickly. Ice is melting, temperatures are rising, waste is accumulating in the ocean and biodiversity is dying. But still, we make very little efforts compared to what we could actually do and we don’t trust environmentally-friendly products. Why is that?

“Environmentally-friendly products don’t work”

Have you ever considered the fact that nature was the only thing people have relied on for centuries? Why should it be different now? Why would natural, organic and ecological ingredients be less effective than artificial, potentially toxic and chemical components? If you believe that environmentally-friendly products don’t work, try them before making up your mind. In the end, it’s like any other conventional product: one might suit you better than another. And it doesn’t mean that there is no eco-friendly alternative for you on the market! Detergents, make-up, kitchen tools, … The list of ecological alternatives to your everyday products is endless. You simply have to look for them.

“Going green is useless”

Here again, we believe you’re wrong. Going green is worth it. Not only for the planet, but also for your health. We can read, hear and see everywhere that a lot of our usual products and habits are bad for the environment. But if some particules can harm the environment, why couldn’t they harm you as well? Like in nature, some toxic components damage your body very slowly. Maybe you don’t see their effects right away, but harm is done. So, why not going green and using environmentally-friendly products to preserve your health and the environment?

“My actions as individual aren’t worth much”

Lastly, tell yourself that you are not alone. Nowadays, there are plenty of ways to go green and meet people who can help, support and advise you. It’s true that one person who stops buying plastic bottles won’t stop climate change. But imagine what the result could be if everyone took the plunge. And the same goes for eco-friendly products, using public transports or the bike, stopping to take the plane, reducing our water consumption, etc. Together, we all have the power to combine our efforts and make the situation change. Because we can decrease pollution, but we can also make the ones in high places change too. As Coluche said, “we would only need people to stop buying things so that they are not sold anymore”.

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