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Of course, this is one of the services we offer to our members. If you’re a member and you have Ecogarantie products to display on our website, you’re more than welcome to reach out to us.
We certify 10 types of non-food products: Cosmetics, hygene products, detergents, salts, air fresheners, pet products, baby products, feminine hygene products and more recently candles and biocides.
When you become a member, you have to comply to our standards, which means you have to uphold the logo chart. It’s a list of rules that states how you are allowed to use the Ecogarantie logo.
As long as they’re audited by one of our 3 control organisation and they comply with our standards, as many as you’d like.
Yes, if you want to be a member of Ecogarantie and use the label, the control by one of our 3 auditing organisation is mandatory.
They differ depending on the organisation, but you can check the cost on Certisys, TUV Nord Integra and Quality Partner’s websites.
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