Frequently Asked Questions

If I’m interested, can I take part in the norms creation process?2020-08-17T15:35:53+02:00

Yes, every user and member of the label are invited to a general assembly once a year. They can submit their requests to modify the norm. Then, the comittee elected by the assembly discuss those changes with experts, which guarantee a constant level of update. Other interested members can contact Ecogarantie with any question of suggestion using the contact form on the website.

Can anybody be a member of the organization or ask to use the Ecogarantie label?2020-08-17T15:33:49+02:00

Yes, anybody who complies with our specifications can use the Ecogarantie label for their product, after a verification by a control body.

Can I obtain a reduction of the membership fees?2020-08-17T15:27:27+02:00

Membership fees are based on your annual turnover. There is a reduction for the first year.

What are the certification fees?2020-08-17T15:26:14+02:00

To be able to use the Ecogarantie label, you need to be a member of Probila Unitrab. Membership fees will be issued. To use the label, you also need to pay royalties and audits from the control bodies.