The virtues of green clay in natural beauty products

Nature gives us everything we need to take care of our bodies. In this article, we will focus on the very essence of our planet: the soil, or more precisely the clay. Do you know the benefits of clay in natural beauty products or certified hair products?

The benefits of green clay for your skin

Green clay contains many minerals that are beneficial to the skin. It prevents the proliferation of germs, has a healing power, softens the skin and has a purifying effect by absorbing toxins. This is why many natural beauty products such as face masks contain clay as an ingredient.

The benefits of green clay for certified hair products

Just like it does for the skin, green clay gently absorbs all toxins, impurities, as well as excess sebum secreted by the scalp. It therefore helps regulating oily hair. That is why certified hair products containing green clay will softly take good care of your hair. Sometimes, vegetable oils as jojoba are added to limit the drying effect. This way, your hair will keep its suppleness.

Uses of other types of clay

Thanks to its richness in iron oxide, red clay improves blood circulation. It will therefore soothe the skin, matify it and give it a radiant glow. If you are interested in the INCI name for cosmetic ingredients, note that red and green clay can be referred to with the names Illite or Montmorillonite. This can be useful next time you are looking for natural beauty products.

Then, you may have already heard of rhassoul, a clay from Morocco. It is known for its ability to mix well with water and can therefore easily be applied to skin or hair. Like other clays, it absorbs impurities and fats. In addition, it gently cleanses without removing the protective film from the skin or hair. That is why it has been used as a shampoo or soap for over 1400 years. Some spas even use it for its therapeutic virtues. So, don’t wait any longer before trying certified hair products or any natural beauty products containing clay.

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