The advantages of using a green dish detergent with a transparent bio label

It is used every day and yet we rarely pay attention to its composition. Indeed, detergent is an essential product in any kitchen.  So it is time to learn more about its ingredients and the impact they have on the environment. 

No useless toxic chemicals

First, a detergent with a transparent bio label does not contain unnecessary and potentially toxic substances such as perfumes, colorants or other preservatives. Such chemicals, in addition to leaving residues on our plates, cutlery and pans, will then reach our rivers and oceans through the sewers. And this can have dramatic consequences on the marine environment and its inhabitants. Indeed, these chemicals attack the mucus layer that protects aquatic animals from parasites and bacteria. Without it, they are weakened and become more vulnerable. A study has shown that the phosphate contained in various detergents boosts the growth of some freshwater algae. That leads to algal blooms which absorb the oxygen needed for aquatic life.

The best choice for your hands: a green dish detergent

Now that you know what the chemical ingredients in common detergents do to fish, know that they also attack your hands when you wash dishes. A chemical detergent destroys your skin’s natural protection, which can lead to cracks, dryness and skin allergies. So, choosing a green dish detergent is the solution if you want to keep your hands soft and healthy.

Choose wisely: a detergent with a transparent bio label

Be careful, choosing a green dish detergent is good, but making an informed choice is even better. Indeed, we are swimming in a wave of greenwashing and it is not always easy to distinguish products that really respect nature as well as your health from those that try to make you believe they do. How make sure that your green dish detergent does not contain chemical substances? Take a good look at the packaging and look for a transparent bio label. By using a green dish detergent with the Ecogarantie eco-label, your hands will definitely remain as soft as silk and you will contribute to the preservation of aquatic life. So, what are you waiting for to turn your kitchen ecological? 

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