The benefits of green skin products

Our skin is subjected to so many aggressions every day. It fights against cold, wind, sunburns and pollution. It therefore deserves to be well cared for. So, pick green skin products with a neutral bio label. Your skin will love the benefits of natural moisturisers. So give it the best of natural ingredients. 

Better for your skin: only certified organic ingredients

Certified organic ingredients are so much healthier for your skin. Why? Well, simply because they are not impregnated with pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Your skin will therefore only absorb the nutrients it needs. So, take advantage of the many virtues of natural oils such as olive, jojoba or coconut oil. They make perfect natural moisturisers. Enjoy the skin qualities of the vitamins found in fruit. Experience the antiseptic benefits of sea salt.

Green skin products with certified organic ingredients are much less aggressive for the skin.  You will notice very quickly when you switch to cosmetics with a neutral bio label. Moreover, if you have a sensitive skin, go for simpler products. Natural moisturisers and soaps with less ingredients will be just fine for you. And your skin will remain nourished, soft and perfectly healthy. Isn’t it what you want?

Essential for the environment: a neutral bio label

Cosmetics’ ingredients must follow specific standards to get to bear a neutral bio label. For Ecogarantie, the vegetal ingredients must be organically-grown and/or harvested from wild plants. And this, following a strict regulation. The origin of mineral ingredients is also carefully checked. They must not come from a production operation that has ecological destructive effects. In short, Ecogarantie ensures that there are only certified organic ingredients in your green skin products. And none of these ingredients harm nature, either in their production or after the use of the product. Isn’t that great news?

So, to protect your skin and the environment, choose green skin products with a neutral bio label. For example, choose natural moisturisers with certified organic ingredients to soothe and comfort your skin. And surrender yourself to a wonderful natural green experience. Your skin will love it. 

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