Greentalk: Gabrielle_Koster, Instagram influencer and editor

In this series of articles, we are discovering different “ecofluencers” throughout interviews. An ecofluenceur is a content creator that raises awareness among a community about sustainability and how to switch to an eco-friendly lifestyle. Today, we introduce you to Gabrielle, creator of the Instagram account of the same name. She’s going to share her experience with the ecological transition as a young mother. 


 Can you introduce yourself in a few lines? 

My name is Gabrielle, I’m 32 years old, I’m a mum and I work as a freelance editor and as, what they call, an influencer. My favorite things to do are traveling, reading, dancing and learning. 

When did you start your Instagram account and why? 

In 2014 I started my account because I worked at a well known magazine and it was encouraged that all the editors had their own online identity. When I left that magazine, I started focussing more and more on sharing my own interests on this account. 


You’re freelance, content creator and mother…how is divided your work and how do you organize yourself? 

My baby is only 7 months old so at the moment it’s very difficult. I try to take moments to care for myself, to work and to keep up with my account but it’s not easy. I think that, in the first place, I’m a mum, so that’s what matters most.

Does your green way of life have an influence on your baby’s education? Is it difficult to bring up a child in this context ? 

When I was pregnant, I had lots of time to research ‘Sustainable parenthood’ but now that I’m a mom, I don’t have much time left. So I notice I’m 90% ‘ín’, instead of the usual 100%. But it’s not that hard nowadays to find sustainable baby products. You can think of washable diapers, renting baby wear and toxic free toys. I must say that in Europe, there’s not a lot of information about these subjects yet. But it also takes having enough time and space for it. But I definitely think it’s important to bring my baby up with respect for the Planet and its inhabitants. 

Where do you find inspiration to write about so many subjects? 

Pure from my own interests. As a kid, I was already interested in organic food, the fur industry etc. And the more I learned, the broader my interests became

What are your favourite « green » Instagram accounts? 

@ProfessionalWildChild,@JaleesaIsabella,@QuirineSmit,@Letstalkslow,@TalitaKalloe,@ZonderZooi,@HollyRose.Eco,@Rashi.Agarwal,@Style.Withasmile, @EmanuelleVos, @fair_friday, @mumster_movement


 According to you, what’s more difficult when you try to reduce your waste and adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle? Conversely, what’s simpler? 

I think that it can be both difficult and hard: there’s a lot of easy steps to be taken, like reducing plastic waste, not eating animal products and flying less. But on the other hand, we simply live in a world where we consume, where we wear clothes, where we are busy. So focus on the steps you do take and try to not fall into a rabbit hole of things you do ‘wrong’.

Do you pay attention to eco labels (certification) when you buy hygiene products, detergents, or cosmetics? Why? 

Absolutely, although they don’t always mean everything (some brands just have more money than others to invest in these labels). But labels like ‘zero plastic inside’ or the Rainforest Alliance, are definitely meaningful to watch out for.

Do you have a favorite non-food natural brand? 

I love the clothing items from Sissel Edelbo, and I love to shop at, &
My favorite beauty brands are Esse skincare, Lavido, Ethique shampoo bars and Beauty Kitchen.



If you could give some advice to people who want to start changing their habits and take care of our planet, what would it be? 

Take it step by step, there’s a lot of steps to be taken, so if you get overwhelmed it’s easy to stop all together. Focus on the small steps, read into the subject and don’t be mad if you don’t do things ‘right’ all the time. 

 Thanks a lot to Gabrielle for this interview. It was interesting to know her vision as a young mum! You can find her on her Instagram account: gabrielle_koster.


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