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In this series of articles, we are discovering different “ecofluenceurs” throughout interviews. An ecofluenceur is a content creator that raises awareness among a community about sustainability and how to switch to an eco-friendly lifestyle. Today, we’re meeting Margaux, creator of the Instagram account and website Transition Green. Real digital expert, Margaux is multi-tasking to discover the latest green trends and to offer creative content. Let’s get to know her! 


Can you introduce yourself in a few lines? Who’s behind Transition Green? 

Behind Transition Green, there is Margaux, 27 years old, content creator and freelance Community Manager. It’s a difficult exercise to introduce and talk about oneself but if I had to describe myself, I would say that I’ve been creative since I was a child I’ve always been attracted to photography and visual arts and I have the chance to showcase these two passions on my social media and especially on my Instagram @transitiongreen and my website I’m also a golden hour lover and I love all the daily little treats such as a beautiful light, fresh flowers, and a good time with my friends and family.

When did you start Transition Green and why? 

Transition Green is now 2 years old. I created my Instagram account in September 2019 without knowing where it would bring me but with the will to share my process towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Through social media, I knew that I could both share my green adventure but also learn a lot on the subject. 

With time, Transition Green grew and the lockdown favoured the development of a nice digital community. Step by step, I managed to combine my passion for photography and visual arts but also my skills in digital communication, all of that around my green transition. The job of freelance content creator was simply made for me and has made me happy for over a year now !

Did you have a stimulus to switch to an eco-friendly lifestyle?  

It was at the end of my studies. I naturally opted for healthier cosmetics. It’s important for me to put clean products on my skin. I quickly made the connection with nature by understanding that what was bad for my skin was also bad for the environment, and vice versa. 

Later, I spent several months in North America and there… big spur! I saw human damage on some Canadian landscapes and also its impact on animals. Canadian culture is quite advanced on eco-responsibility. Step by step, it opened my eyes. When I got back, I thought it was time to speak about that around me, to raise awareness and to create my Instagram account @transitiongreen



Do you have another activity/job apart from your blog and Instagram? If so, what is it and is it difficult to combine the two?  

Apart from my blog and social network, I am a Community Manager. I’m so endlessly immersed in the digital universe and I must say that I’m happy like that. 

It suits me even if it’s not always easy to get away from social media but with time, I’m more able to organize myself.

Where do you find inspiration to write about so many subjects?  

The green universe is huge. We can talk about fashion, cosmetics, sustainable development, food, to name but a few. That’s what I like about this universe, its diversity and the fact that it’s a subject that speaks to everyone. There is a lot of work to do to raise as much people’s awareness as possible.

What are your favourite “green” podcasts, readings, Instagram accounts?

If I have to name just a few, I would say: @mangoandsalt, @iznowgood, @vicplusgreen, @goodmorninglau, @unpeuplusgreen, @unevieresponsable, @koraii_.

I love to follow their universe both green, slow and kind. Real gems that I invite you to follow with abandon! 

I’m not a podcast expert so I’ll sit this one out. But, I advise you to watch decoding videos of Céline (@iznowgood), which are a real mine of information to better understand sustainable fashion and greenwashing in this domain. 

 About books, I liked to read Hugo Clément’s ones, that are both “shocking” and necessary. Regularly, I like to read articles and ebooks from committed brands that I follow daily or those of Natura Sciences.  

I take the opportunity to quote a sentence that my best friend often repeats: “Knowledge is power”. 



What are your daily acts to take care of our planet? 

It might seem common but eat seasonal fruits and vegetables, drink tap water, be careful with my energy consumption, wash my clothes when they are really dirty, find tips to stop throwing food away, eliminate step by step plastic around me and raise awareness among my relatives and my community of course.

According to you, what’s more difficult when you try to reduce your waste and adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle?

The idea that I don’t do enough. When we turn to an ecological lifestyle, we want to do our best and go further. We’re quickly in a shaming system and it’s a feeling I highlight a lot on my social media. What matters is to do your best, of course, but without forgetting to go at your own pace. Alone we go faster but together we go further. We all play a part in a more sustainable world and let us not forget that every action counts!

Do you pay attention to eco labels (certification) when you buy hygiene products, detergents or cosmetics? Why?

Yes and no as long as we have to inquire in advance to know what’s behind those labels. For instance, in the textile sector, it depends on the causes you want to support: working conditions, raw materials etc. There are many labels with different issues. I put my article on the subject to learn more:

Moreover, some labels can be good online and less interesting in real life. That’s why you have to inquire, to know more about its values and the ones we want to share!

What is your favourite zero waste or green tip ? 

It’s not easy because there are a lot, but solid soap. It’s a simple tip, easy to implement when we think about it and it has a non-negligible aspect: stop shower gel containers. It’s definitely a little simple act, but efficient for sure! 



If you could give some advice to people who want to start changing their habits and take care of our planet, what would it be? 

Go at your own pace! It’s useless to change everything all at once, to do like everybody even if it’s against your own desires. It’s even counterproductive according to me. Slow and steady wins the race in the green world! 

Thanks to Margaux from Transition Green for this exchange! We’ve seen the importance of digital and social media to make a community aware of a good cause. You can find Margaux on her Instagram account and website.

Social Media & Public Relations Manager
Social Media & Public Relations Manager

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