Why should you choose healthy eco-labelled products?

Your house should be a place where you feel comfortable and safe. Perhaps you believe that cleaning is a harmless way to feel at home, but this could be less healthy than you think. Did you know that using chemical household products can be bad for your body as well as the environment? What if you tried healthy eco-labelled products instead? 

Why chemical household cleaners aren’t healthy

Open your cupboard and have a look. Some of these colorful bottles intended to make your home healthy-looking may actually contain harmful ingredients. When applying these products in your house, chemicals can be in contact with your hands. You can then contaminate your eyes, mouth and skin when touching your face, getting them irritated or developing allergies. Small particles from your cleaning agents may contaminate the air you and your family breathe, causing progressive damage to your body. Your kids can put recently cleaned objects in their mouth, swallowing toxic chemicals. In short, the combination of some synthetic substances may be dangerous for you.

Beside being a potential threat to your family’s health, synthetic products can be dangerous for the environment. By cleaning your house with products containing hard chemicals, these can contaminate the water you use when cleaning your place. By extension, it may harm nature when you release the polluted water in your sink.  Even though a part of wastewater is treated after you dispose of it, sewage treatment plants are not perfect. Treating wastewater generates polluting gases and the water which these plants release is not always 100% clean. Therefore, the planet will thank you for choosing healthy eco-labelled products rather than your usual cleaning agents.

Choose healthy eco-labelled products instead

Looking for eco-friendly and safe cleaning products is the way to go. But beware; some supermarket brands tend to make consumers believe their products are environmentally friendly by adding a green logo or a picture of plants on them. Instead of trusting what catches your eye at the supermarket, try to look beyond the attractive packaging. Choose healthy eco-labelled products instead! When adding these in your shopping cart, you can be sure that they were made with safe and ecological substances. It’s all profit for your family and the planet!

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