Top 3 healthy ecoproducts for a sensitive skin

Having sensitive skin is not easy every day. What if you were told that you could easily and durably soothe it in three simple steps? Here are three healthy ecoproducts to adopt immediately if you have sensitive skin. 

1# Use an ecological soap

Many industrial soaps contain ingredients obtained from petrochemicals. Not only are they polluting, they also dry out the skin. If your skin is sensitive, it is therefore better to avoid them. In addition to having many benefits for the skin’s health, an ecological soap is much softer. This is why a healthy ecoproducts such as an ecological soap are recommended to take care of sensitive skin. And if you want to minimize your ecological impact even more, choose your ecological soap in solid form.

2# Switch to an organic cream

When it comes to healthy ecoproducts, using an organic cream with quality ingredients is essential. Indeed, weakened skin needs to be hydrated regularly. As with soaps, some ingredients in conventional creams are aggressive to the skin. Choosing an organic cream with natural ingredients therefore helps to limit or even eliminate these aggressions. Besides, using an organic cream in addition to an ecological soap will make your skin’s condition improve even faster.

3# Use only organic laundry products

It’s so obvious that we don’t think about it… But our skin is daily in contact with our clothes, towels, sheets.  Using organic laundry products is therefore very important in order not to put our skin in contact with toxic elements. Indeed, petrochemicals and synthetic perfumes that are present in industrial laundry products can cause skin rashes. Another advice: if you have eczema, it is recommended to avoid using fabric softener on your laundry. The cleaning capacity of organic laundry products are more than sufficient. Then simply hang your laundry to avoid wrinkles. However, be aware that the same applies to your dishwashing detergent. Make sure that none of its ingredients are irritating to the skin.

So, next time you go shopping, remember this: ecological soap, organic cream and organic laundry products! Thanks to these healthy ecoproducts, you will see the condition of your sensitive skin improve very quickly. 

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