How to get organic certification

But how to get a product certified organic?

Do you wish to guarantee the organic quality of your products? That’s a great idea as more and more consumers are looking for quality organic products. To certify the organic quality, you must get an organic label for your products. This organic label will increase the value of your organic products and attract customers. The certification process involves different steps: the choice of a label, the choice of a certification body and the certification itself. You must take the cost and choice of the label into consideration.

The choice of the label

The procedure is not quite the same for food products as for non-food products. Indeed, in Europe, the European organic label is compulsory for foodstuffs.  This label is recognizable by its logo in the form of a green leaf (EU Organic logo ).  Beside this label, you can affix another label that completes the European organic label. In the non-food sector, there are no compulsory European labels. You can directly choose a label.  Which label to choose? Opt for the organic label you trust and that respects your values. For every label, specifications were written. They define the criteria a product must respect to get the organic label. It is important that you refer to the specifications of the label to know if the label is serious.

The bio certification

The specifications define how to obtain the bio label. They mention the standards a product must comply with to get labelled. Additionally, they list the forbidden ingredients. Your product must conform to these specifications. This conformity must be validated by a third-party certification body. This process is called bio certification.  The certification body carries out tests to check your product respect the criteria defined in the specifications.  If this is the case, the certification body delivers a certificate that authorizes your product to be labelled. The specifications define the validity period of the bio certification. Once the validity period is exceeded, the certificate can be renewed providing new tests are carried out to attest the product conformity.

The choice of the certification body

The specifications may provide you with a list of accredited certification bodies. If this is the case, you must contact one of these certification bodies. If it is not the case, you must contact an accredited certification body.

The cost

Getting an organic label costs money. The price depends on the organic certification and on the organic label. Please consult the administrators of the organic label to find out the price. Be aware that the price will be amortized by the consumers the organic label will attract.  Nowadays, more and more consumers want to buy quality organic products. Your organic labelled product will reassure them.

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