Why it’s important to buy a product with and eco-label

A product with an eco-label tells you something. Thanks to the logo on its packaging, you can learn more about its story. Ecolabels tell you what a product contains, its production process and what its values are. An ecolabel is like an ID card. You can immediately know what the product is and whether you can trust it or not. So, let’s learn more about what eco-labels can tell you about certified products.

An eco-label guarantees ecological ingredients

What will first determine if a product is ecological or not, is its ingredients. Ecolabels are there to ensure that all certified products’ ingredients meet strict requirements. An Ecogarantie has the strictest standards on the market. For example, the sourcing of the ingredients must be ecological. The extraction methods must never degrade the environment. And of course, it is strictly forbidden to use dangerous ingredients. An eco-label only guarantees safe products for your health as well as for the planet.

The quality of the components is also of great importance. Therefore, all ingredients from vegetable origin are completely organic. This is way better for your health, the environment and the producers’ safety. Finally, all the transformations of these ingredients must never affect the quality of the plant. We want to keep each of its proprieties to allow the products to be as efficient as possible.

A ecolabel ensures a environmentally-friendly manufacture

To go on with their ecological values, ecolabels like Ecogarantie require a careful manufacturing process. As a result, the whole production must be as eco-friendly as possible. Companies using an eco-label on their products must respect strict policies in terms of waste and water management. They also have to ensure a reasonable transport of the ingredients and the end products. Finally, the packaging with an eco-label must be recyclable, reusable or compostable.

Ecolabels are only put on controlled and transparent products

Of course, false labels exist. But ecolabels are reliable and trustworthy logos that allow you to see the products as they are. You can always be sure a product with an eco-label like Ecogarantie is truly ecological because it’s actually controlled. What’s more, there are independent certifying bodies who perform these controls. They ensure a transparent and traceable production. They also check whether companies respect the ecolabels’ standards. And of course, companies using an ecolabel must provide proofs that their products are environmentally-friendly.

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