Certified eco-products: why is eco-labelling important?

You may be thinking that all eco-products are worth the same. If it’s ecological, it’s good for the environment. But did you know that eco-labelling was in fact an added value and a true guarantee when it comes to buying eco-friendly products? Let us tell you why.

What is eco-labelling?

Either at the supermarket or in your favourite grocer’s shop, maybe you already stumbled across eco-products. But when facing the shelve, you realised that there are now tens of brands claiming their products are eco-friendly. In the end, which one should you believe? Our answer: trust certified products.

Eco-labelling is the guarantee that a product is truly ecological and regularly controlled. By whom, are you wondering? Well, not by us. Let’s be honest: it wouldn’t be fair. This is the responsibility of three independent control bodies we completely trust. They make sure our members respect our high standards in terms of ecology, safety and equality. Consequently, it allows us to stay 100% neutral in our certification process.

Why you should go for certified eco-products

You’ve understood it by now, eco-labelling makes it possible to know whether eco-products are really ecological. By trusting ecolabels, you can be sure what you buy will not harm our planet nor your health. Because, if a product is bad for nature, why wouldn’t it be for you health? Eco-products are thus free of petrochemicals, GMOs and other potentially dangerous ingredients.

A certification also means that the whole production process is under control. Each year, control bodies make sure companies have a good waste management, minimise their energy consumption and provide recycled or reusable packaging. They even go as far as to control the origin and the organic quality of the products.

Finally, eco-labelling allows every actor committed to the making, processing and selling of certified products to be fairly treated. Wages are high enough to enable people to live, and employees experience absolutely no discrimination of any kind. When buying certified eco-products, you act in favour of the planet, but also of people. Of that, you can be 100% sure. What more could you ask for?

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