How to spot the best natural cosmetics?

In “The Art of Beauty” Ovid praised the benefits of natural cosmetics based on narcissus bulbs, eggs or honey. At Ecogarantie, we believe he was a very wise man. Let’s learn more about the value of a quality bio label and the importance of choosing biolabelled brands.

Why choosing natural cosmetics from biolabelled brands?

Natural cosmetics do not contain toxic elements and are therefore much better for the health of your skin and hair. With natural cosmetics that have a quality label, you can fully enjoy the benefits of nature. Indeed, it provides us with vegetable and essential oils that nourish our and hair. But also fruits filled with antioxidants and vitamins, skin soothing clay, and so much more.

For biolabelled brands, the selection of those natural ingredients is very specific. The ingredients must be organic and renewable as much as possible. Then, the products of the Ecogarantie biolabelled brands must not contain any ingredients that are harmful to health or the environment. Indeed, Ecogarantie prohibits the use of halogens, GMOs, VOCs and petrochemicals. By choosing natural cosmetics from biolabelled brands, you ensure the origin and the quality of the ingredients in your product.

What does it take to get a quality bio label?

To obtain a quality bio label, the finished products as well as the ingredients must meet a list of standards. Those standards mainly concern the origin, the quality and the biodegradability of those products and ingredients. For this purpose, the products willing to bear a quality bio label are subjected to various control tests. At Ecogarantie, we have chosen external organizations (Certisys, Tüv Nord Integra and Quality Partner) to control our natural cosmetics. In this way, the consumer is sure to be confronted with a quality bio label that is both honest and unbiased. Now that you know a little more about biolabelled brands, it’s up to you to choose your cosmetics as wisely as Ovid would do. So, what are you waiting for? 

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