Natural hair dye : I want what’s best for my hair!

Between roots growing back and the need for a change, colouring one’s hair is either a necessity for some or optional but satisfying for others. You may have heard of natural hair dye slowly taking over the market against chemical ones. But do you really know its benefits? In this article, we chose to explain why you should favour natural hair dye.

Down with chemical hair dyes, go natural ones

On one hand, chemicals open hair fibres and release colour pigments inside them. However, opening those fibres too often could cause significant damage to your hair. This process weakens hair scales and they struggle to close properly, allowing impurities to penetrate the scalp. In the long term, chemical hair dyes damage and weaken your hair, thus making it brittle.

On the other hand, natural hair dye is simply made out of water and pigments extracted from plants, peels and flowers. While chemical hair dye penetrates the hair and modifies its natural colour, natural hair dye coats it with natural pigments.

Still not convinced? Do you doubt the effectiveness of natural hair dye?

Truth is the laying time and the visibility of the result takes more time for a natural hair dye than for a chemical one. Also, it is impossible for a natural hair dye to lighten your hair colour to go from brunette to blond for example. Non-synthetic natural ingredients can’t be used for such changes.

However, natural hair dye is at the same level as chemical hair dye in terms of efficiency. It will last just as long and even more because the natural pigments will gradually fade and cover the growing roots.

Because it is a natural hair care product, the dye will also act as a conditioner and protect your hair from external harm. You will also have less chance of developing allergies if you choose to go natural.

As you might imagine, natural components are known to have benefits on your hair. Today we will talk about a natural dye that we love. As well as colouring your hair, it will make it stronger and shinier. 

The benefits of henna, your hair partner 

Henna is a colouring agent of natural origin. It’s obtained from the dried leaves of the plant Lawsonia Inermis. When mixed into a powder and hot water, these dried leaves naturally colour the hair. Moreover, natural henna does not damage hair and is an excellent ecological ingredient. 

To colour your hair, natural henna doesn’t open hair fibres but stays on the surface. Henna has therefore two major advantages over chemical hair dyes. First, it doesn’t damage the hair. Then, it creates an additional protective layer around your hair. 

In addition to perfectly colouring the hair, even white ones, natural henna has many other properties. It thickens and strengthens the hair root, which limits hair loss and allows them to grow healthier and faster. It smoothes the hair fibre, making it shiny and reducing frizz. Moreover, since it adds a smooth layer around the hair, lice can’t cling onto it. And if you don’t want to change your hair colour but would like to enjoy the benefits of natural henna, there is a solution: neutral henna. 

In short, henna is a very complete natural ingredient for all types of hair.  So, instead of using a chemical dye which damages your hair, opt for natural alternatives that will preserve it. 

Our selection of natural hair dye brands

To help you find your way into the natural hair products market, let’s discover our two approved eco labelled brands.

You will have no trouble trusting those Ecogarantie certified brands. 

Thanks to our certification, you can buy the products without doubting them. All the products have been controlled and respect strict requirements about the ingredient’s origin and the environmental and health impact for example.

Founded 20 years ago, Hairborist is the Belgian specialist brand for natural hair care. They are committed to reduce the environmental impact, to use natural ingredients and to produce in Belgium. 

Hairborist is known for its natural hair dye technique, used in a lot of Belgian hairdressing salons and for its aromatherapy. You can go on the Hairborist webshop to buy natural hair dyes, there is a wide colouring range.  

The other brand we selected for you is This Green, a Belgian brand which is said to be the new generation of hair care. Indeed, This Green uses natural ingredients. They commit to manufacture their products in Belgium, to protect the environment and to respect the animal cause. 

A thing we love? Their cute packaging which respects the planet. This little box can be endlessly reused and it’s great! 

Are you convinced? Don’t hesitate and switch to natural hair dye. Healthy hair deserve the best treatment possible. Say goodbye to chemical hair dyes which damage your hair and hello to natural hair dye products!  

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