Natural henna: an ecological hair product to color your hair

Natural henna is an excellent ecological hair product to color hair without damaging them

Henna is a colouring agent of vegetable origin. It is obtained from the dried leaves of the plant Lawsonia inermis. These dried leaves when ground into powder and then mixed with hot water naturally colour the hair. Moreover, natural henna does not damage hair and is therefore an excellent ecological hair product.

Why does chemical colouring damage your hair?

In reality, henna does not work at all in the same way as chemical dyeing. Chemicals open the hair scales to deposit the pigments inside the hair. However, too many openings cause considerable damage to the hair. Indeed, the scales will gradually have difficulty closing properly, allowing impurities to easily enter the hair. This causes the hair to become brittle and will tend to split. That is why chemical colouring damages hair so much.

Why choose henna dyeing over chemical colouring?

Quite simply because unlike chemical colouring, henna does not damage hair. It is even rather the opposite because it is an excellent care for damaged hair. Natural henna, to colour hair, does not open the hair scales but settles on their surface. Henna has therefore two major advantages over chemicals. First of all, it does not damage the hair. And secondly, it creates an additional protective layer around each hair. And that is why natural henna is a very good ecological hair product.

The benefits of natural henna as an ecological hair product

In addition to perfectly colouring even white hair, natural henna has many other hair benefits. It thickens and strengthens the hair root, which limits hair loss and allows hair to grow healthier and faster. It smoothes the hair fiber, making it shiny and reducing frizz. In addition, since it adds a smooth layer around the hair, lice cannot cling to it. And if you don’t want to change your hair colour but would like to enjoy the benefits of natural henna, there is a solution: neutral henna. In short, henna is a very complete ecological hair product for all types of hair. So, instead of subjecting yourself to chemical colouring damage, opt for natural alternatives that will preserve the health of your hair. Your hair deserve an ecological hair product that will not damage it!


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