A neutral eco label to help you choose the ecological cosmetic products you really want

Every day, more and more ecological cosmetic products appear on store shelves. And that’s a very good thing. However, it is sometimes difficult to determine whether a product is truly environmentally neutral or whether it is only part of a marketing technique. It is therefore time to find out about ecolabelled brands.

What does a neutral eco label really mean?

To be a neutral eco label, the key elements are neutrality, of course, but also integrity and transparency. Indeed, a neutral label has no economic purpose since it is intended mainly to be informative. By seeing such a label, the consumer knows precisely that this product is of quality, ethical, organic and ecological. Thus, the consumer is aware of all the information necessary for a conscious choice.

Each choice is meaningful and has consequences. Especially choosing ecological cosmetic products from ecolabelled brands in your local supermarket. At Ecogarantie, we want to help you make the best choices. This is to ensure that the meaning and consequences of your choices are the ones you really want. This is why it is important to Ecogarantie, as neutral eco label, to have very strict standards.

Why choosing ecological cosmetic products from ecolabelled brands?

The reality is that few cosmetics are actually concerned about the planet, your health and the well-being of workers and animals at the same time. So, now that neutral labels do not have secrets for you, it is obvious that you will look for ecolabelled brands when buying cosmetics. Indeed, who wouldn’t want to enjoy the best ecological cosmetic products in all categories? So, in order to enjoy ethical, organic and cosmetic products, choose exclusively ecolabelled brands. And make sure it’s a neutral eco label.

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