How and why Ecogarantie is a neutral ecolabel

Ecogarantie remains a neutral ecolabel.

Have you ever tried to buy eco-labelled products? If you have already given it a go, you may have noticed that today, green labels are everywhere. What if we told you Ecogarantie is a true neutral ecolabel?

How Ecogarantie remains a neutral ecolabel

As an ecolabel, our aim is to help you find true ecological and ethical products. But you may have already understood that by yourself. So, what do we mean by “neutral”? Our label is granted to committed companies so that they can share their true ecological values with you. When buying an eco-labelled product, you know it respects the environment, animals and people. But how do we decide which product is worth labelling?

As a neutral ecolabel, Ecogarantie does not control whether brands comply with its high standards. But how do we do then? Actually, this is the task of three professional control bodies we work closely with. They are in charge of auditing the companies which desire to join the Ecogarantie community. The quality of their products as well as the whole production cycle are controlled. After this, the designated control body sends us its report. On the basis of their study, we decide to grant the Ecogarantie label or not. This is how we remain neutral in the certification process.

Why it is important to be a neutral ecolabel

Maybe you are wondering why all this regulatory process matters. In our opinion, in order to be a truly neutral ecolabel, we need to show integrity and transparency. We want to make sure every single eco-labelled product meets the strict Ecogarantie requirements. We also want to avoid any conflict of interest or special treatments. But most importantly, we want you to know how everything works so that you can trust the brands we grant our label to.

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