Synergies or how to increase the benefits of eco-friendly essential oils

Eco-friendly essential oils can be used alone or mixed. It’s called synergy. A synergy consists of essential oils with similar or complementary properties mixed together. Synergies hence help increasing the effects of essential oils tenfold. There are different synergies depending on the time of day or the desired effect.

Get energized in the morning

To get a boost in the morning, you can choose an invigorating synergy. These generally contain essential oils of grapefruit, lemon and peppermint. In addition, citrus fruits’ essential oils with a green bio label are the specialists to boost a positive mood. There is nothing better than awakening your senses to be energetic and in a good mood first thing in the morning.

Relaxing time before sleep

If you are looking to relax before going to sleep, lavender will be your best friend. Combined with chamomile, it will take away your worries and sources of anxiety. With this synergy of eco-friendly essential oils, you will feel completely relaxed before going to bed. And you will therefore enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Circumstantial uses of eco-friendly essential oils

Essential oils with a green bio label are well-known to solve temporary difficulties. If you are in exam period, what you need is a synergy mixing rosemary and cinnamon. Together, they stimulate concentration and attention. Then, in winter, eucalyptus and tea tree will do wonders to keep viruses away and fight blocked noses. What a joy to breathe freely in winter!

How to use those synergies?

You can use essential oil synergies with a diffuser. This diffuser spreads the smell and benefits of these essential oils throughout an entire room or car. If they also contain vegetable oils with a green bio label, you can apply the synergies directly on your skin. As a result, you benefit from the skin’s benefits as well as the respiratory benefits since your body acts as a diffuser. Even if you already know the effects of eco-friendly essential oils with a green bio label, let yourself be surprised by the power of synergies. You won’t regret it. 

Cynthia De Bruycker
Cynthia De Bruycker
Cynthia De Bruycker
Cynthia De Bruycker

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