Atlantic Coarse Salt / Gros sel de l'Atlantique

Atlantic Coarse Salt

Contents: 1 kg

Lima salt is harvested in the region of Olhão on the Portuguese coast, located in the Ria Formosa nature reserve. The harvest is entirely artisanal, carried out by hand, using only sea water, sun, wind and human strength; The salt obtained is unrefined, without additives for bleaching, anti-motting or anti-humidity. It owes its high nutritional value to the fact that it is obtained by evaporating sea water in specific salt marshes; thus the micro-nutrients from the sea are found in sea salt (this is why it is a source of Calcium and rich in Magnesium and Iodine). This salt is subject to constant quality controls on heavy metals and minerals. The rich flavour of natural sea salt is incomparable to the taste of cooking salt. Unrefined and white at the same time, is this possible? Careful and manual harvesting preserves a thin layer of salt at the bottom of the salt marsh which forms a natural protection between the salt to be harvested and the ground, thus Lima salt preserves all its whiteness .

Ingredients: sal
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