How to take care of your pet naturally?

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We praise the benefits of natural products for humans, but did you know that natural products can also be used on our hairballs? That’s right! If we use them for ourselves, why not use the best on animals? In this article we will explain the benefits of natural products for your pets and give you our advice on how to choose your products. 


Why choose natural products? 

Have you ever wondered why our pets also have problems with allergies or eczema? 

Just like us, they have sensitive skin and skin that can become fragile quite quickly. We don’t necessarily think about it, but they are even more sensitive to products than we are. Just like us, what we give them to eat or put on their skin will have repercussions on the outside. For example, feeding them the wrong food can cause health problems or give them a duller, less vibrant coat. If you use chemicals that may be harmful to the animal, skin or health problems may also occur. Animals can also suffer from reactions to products that are too irritating or contain harmful substances. 

This is why natural products are also essential for our hairballs. Especially when it comes to hygiene. They need to be washed to prevent possible health problems or even diseases. And what could be better than grooming them naturally so as not to take any risks? It’s even better when it’s a question of labelled products, because these are products that have been checked beforehand and that must respect precise criteria. 

Moreover, as an animal lover, you want to do more for the environment and the ecosystem? By opting for natural hygiene products, for example, you are doing something for the environment and in particular for marine species! Yes, because don’t forget that the product you use is washed away and can therefore pollute the environment. Why should marine animals be subjected to the toxic substances that we use in our products? With natural products, you don’t pollute the water or the planet. The same goes for the packaging, which is eco-friendly when it comes to green brands. They are very often recycled and recyclable. 

By opting for all the other natural products relating to food or pet care, you are supporting brands that work daily for the well-being of the planet and the environment. In all cases, the advantage of something natural is not only in the product itself but also in everything that surrounds it. The commitments and values of a brand, the materials used for production, the components, the packaging… Yes, you will often find values in common with your own! 

How to switch to natural care? 

There are more and more natural brands on the market and even for animals! You just need to do your homework to find a brand that offers REAL eco-friendly products. We encourage you to read the list of ingredients carefully and, above all, to find out about the brand in question. To help you, we gave you all our tips to avoid greenwashing in a previous article. 

That’s why our Ecogarantie label exists. Thanks to our certification, we can guarantee safe and healthy products, because they have been audited by an independent control body. The products have to comply with precise specifications and that’s how we can guarantee the most environmentally friendly products possible. 

And guess what? Ecogarantie now certifies several product ranges for our animals!

That’s right, we certify a total of 10 product categories: cosmetics, hygiene, detergents, salts, air fresheners, animal hygiene, baby care, feminine hygiene, candles and repellents. 

We have two brands that offer pet care. They are particularly aimed at our friends’ dogs. They are Pet’s Green and Nut’z Organic Pet Care. 

Pet’s Green: 

Pet’s Green is a Turkish brand that belongs to the Uzay Kimya Group. With 30 years of experience, they are the leading detergent producers in Turkey. Their mission is to produce the best possible products that improve the living standards of consumers and above all respect the environment.  With their brand Pet’s Green, they offer a pet shampoo and stain remover that eliminates bad odours. 

The products are certified by us and guarantee a healthy composition without risk for the animal. They are mainly made of plants. 

Nut’z Organic Pet Care: 

Nut’z is a Belgian brand that offers natural dog care. The two founders of the brand have 25 years of experience in plant-based cosmetics through their brands Hairborist and This Green. 

Nut’z offers a complete range: a nourishing oil, a range of 5 shampoos, and 2 detangling lotions. 

They use soap nuts as a natural washing base and all the products are composed of essential oils. Their composition is ideal for caring for dogs naturally. On top of that, the concept is complete as it is not just a grooming but a sensory and well-being experience. Thanks to the essential oils and the massage oil, the dog will be relaxed and its owner too. 

As you have seen, our animals deserve the best, naturally! Just like us, they have skin and coat problems that we don’t necessarily suspect. And they too can have reactions following the application of more harmful products. Fortunately, to combat this, more and more companies are committing to using healthy ingredients in their formulas. We are no longer the only ones who can benefit from the advantages of natural products and this is a real step forward! So, are you ready to take care of your pet naturally?

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