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The best hair care routine: natural hair products

With the aggression of hair dryers, straighteners or simply bad weather, our hair gets damaged. It becomes brittle, weakened and loses its beauty. It is time to give it back its glory using natural hair products with an organic quality label.

The benefits using an ecological shampoo

The advantages of using an ecological shampoo are multiple. Less chemicals on our hair and therefore less chemicals in the ocean. Indeed, after use, the remaining shampoo goes with the water from our shower and reaches the oceans. Why should marine animals be subjected to the toxic elements we put in our shampoos? A gesture for the planet: choose an ecological shampoo. And the same goes for post-shampoo treatments such as conditioning. To guarantee the quality of your natural hair products, pick them with an organic quality label.

Simple kitchen ingredients can make perfect natural hair products

To optimize the effects of your ecological shampoo and conditioner with an organic quality label, you can do what is called a vinegar rinse. Add two spoons of apple cider vinegar per liter of water and use this mixture as the last rinse water. This will close the scales of your hair. This way, it will retain all the nutrients received from the ecological shampoo and conditioner. Moreover, it will make your hair smooth and shiny. And as with cosmetics, eco labels also exist for grocery products. A cider vinegar with an organic quality label will be more beneficial for your hair, so think about it.

Then, once every two weeks, use a hair mask based on vegetable oils. You can alternate them following the condition of your hair. Moreover, adding a few drops of essential oils will complete the effectiveness of your mask. It is important to choose these oils with an organic quality label. This way, you only enjoy the best for your hair.

Cider vinegar and vegetable oils with an organic quality label therefore have their place not only in your kitchen but also in your bathroom. Sometimes the best natural hair products are the simplest. Now that you know these eco-friendly tips, make good use of them.

Cynthia De Bruycker
Cynthia De Bruycker
Cynthia De Bruycker
Cynthia De Bruycker

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