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produits issus de labels écologiques posés sur des étagères dans un magasin

Being green is not that easy! Here are the keys to shop in a more sustainable way.

main avec crème en forme de coeur. routine anti déprime hivernale avec produits écolabellisés

Discover our 5 steps self-care routine to avoid the post-summer blues with eco labelled products from Ecogarantie!

5 New Year’s resolutions that you’ll finally keep

Every year it's the same thing, we do a list of good resolutions and after a few weeks we realise that we're failing at keeping them. Ecogarantie gives you 5 objectives easy to achieve and that are also good for the planet.

A solution to air pollution? Certified cosmetic products!

Choose certified cosmetic products to ensure you do not contribute to air pollution. Zero waste ecolabels will help you to make the best choices!

Why choosing an ecological body scrub with a reliable ecolabel?

Using an ecological body scrub with a reliable ecolabel will make your skin smooth and healthy. So, choose organic skin products!

How to use ecolabelled ylang ylang essential oil

Ecolabelled ylang ylang essential oil is fantastic to make your hair shiny and give it a nice floral smell.

The benefits of castor oil with an organic ecolabel

Certified castor oil takes care of your hair and eyelashes. Choose it with an organic ecolabel to enjoy the best of it.

The importance of ecolabellisation for green cosmetic products and natural detergents

Ecolabellisation can help you choose the green cosmetic products and natural detergents that contribute the less to pollution.

The benefits of organic sea salt as an eco-friendly cosmetic product

Organic sea salt with a neutral label as so many properties to take care of your skin.

The must-have essential oils for summer

Certified organic essential oils can help you enjoy your summer. Let's discover how!

The beauty uses of ecolabelled coconut oil 

Let's discover the benefits of the ideal natural cosmetic product: ecolabelled coconut oil.